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Who We Are

  • YMJ Counseling and Consulting is a voluntary, long standing agency that provides short term counseling, referrals and follow - up services to individuals who have personal and work-related problems.  We started out in 2007 working with severe and persistent mentally ill adults who were faced with a broad and complex body of issues.   We have tackled homelessness, substance abuse disorders, case management issues, and we continue to provide services to this vulnerable population. 

  • Our team of clinicians have responded to critical incidents such as workplace violence, trauma and other emergency response situations.  We provide positive solutions and support during the most challenging periods of our client’s lives.  We maintain a collaborative approach which integrates contemporary services delivered to meet the needs of each of our clients​.

  • We also work in a consultative role with Directors, managers and supervisors to address employees and organizational challenges and needs.  We support a neutral balance in tough situation resulting in a mindful, compassionate, and non-judgmental, therapeutic process.  A large part of our practice is focused on resolving challenges, creating & supporting conscious relationships, per- psychotherapy, referrals, or small group work.

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Our Founder


Yolanda Jones


Yolanda M. Jones, LCSW-C is a Psychotherapist, and founder of YMJ Counseling and Consulting.  There she lovingly serves women, couples, other providers, and small groups.  She is a NASW board approved supervisor in the state of Maryland.

Yolanda received her MSW in social work from Fordham University in New York, NY, where she studied the use of complementary and alternative interventions for physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.  She also has a certificate in Advance Trauma Treatment from the Ferentz Institute (advanced psychotherapy training & education).

Yolanda is a highly-respected member of the treatment community, and frequently consults on cultural diversity, stress management, self-care for healers, addictions, and the “magic” of connection. Her many audiences include health care organizations, federal government agencies, local core service agencies and other helping professionals. 

Yolanda Jones is a devoted wife, mother, daughter and life long learner, who remains humbled by the healing power of compassion, love and forgiveness,

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