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YMJ Counseling and Consulting Services

Counseling Services

Our specialized counseling programs have helped many individuals overcome the toughest of life circumstances. We offer family, adult, children, couples, and individual counseling services to aid in understanding the presenting issue and identifying a road map towards improvement. Our staff is available to assess each client and make treatment recommendations accordingly.


We provide group counseling, alcohol and drug education, and personal growth-oriented workshops, in compliance with court ordered substance abuse treatment requirements. This is a 12 to 26 week course that includes education, time-limited individual psychological counseling, psychiatric evaluation and crisis management services. There is also short-term individual therapy available for first time offenders.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This is a benefit paid by employers that offers eligible employees and their dependents mental health / therapy services to help them cope with personal or work-related life issues. The therapy provided is completely confidential. The employer is not informed who received the service. We have two Certified Employee Assistance Professional along with our licensed professionals who provide short-term counseling through our EAP services.

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